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 Roundtail Horned Lizard Help?

I have a roundtail horned lizard and I’m having slight trouble caring for it. I know it eats ants and needs heat but it seems to be having issues and seems to be sick at times. Please don’t go on a rant about how if I’m not experience I shouldn’t have it. I got it from a friend and moved to college in Nebraska so I can’t let it free in such a cold place. I just need any extra advice from someone who hass owned one before and knows any extra tips. THX!

08/21/11  06:52pm


Kelso reptiles
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  Message To: Kaitdog   In reference to Message Id: 2233656

 Roundtail Horned Lizard Help?

well what are the symtons whats wrong with it

08/22/11  03:40pm


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  Message To: Kelso reptiles   In reference to Message Id: 2233787

 Roundtail Horned Lizard Help?

should i assume that your round-tail horned lizard is dead? by the time horned lizards show symptoms of any illness it is usually on a terminal path. usually in captivity they die of an impaction due to impropper feeding. not for beginners.

11/13/11  11:53pm

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