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 How many ants a day?

My new HL is eating ants really well, and I was sondering how many a day? He is a short horned lizard, and about three inches long head to tail. Thanks!

07/25/11  10:03am


Kelso reptiles
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 How many ants a day?

about a hundred a day

08/02/11  07:41pm


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 How many ants a day?

I would say 100-200 per week. feel free to feed them as long as they will eat. they will let you know when they have had enough. depending on size they may require less. short horned lizards may show fear towards pogos (harvester ants in the genus pogonomyrmex), so they may require a different species of ant to feed. this fear is usu dependent on where the lizard was collected. honey pot ants seem to be an adequate substitute if you can find them. never feed the tiny black house ants. they are an invasive species from argentina and are not food for horned lizards.

11/13/11  11:58pm

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