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 Female hl walking tall

I have had two male and two female adult platyrhinos for over a month now (may-june2011) in a 4 ft kiddie pool, good temp, natural light, more honeypot ants than they will eat,( they reject red harvesters and black carpenters entirely) seem to want meal worms the most but I limit those, larger female already laid a batch of 13 fertile eggs, I tore one, and both females are still walking around as high off the ground as possible pushing their backs even higher and head bobbing. They do this even more aggressively when they cross paths with each other,(male or female). They seem to be a little more complex than the bearded dragons that bread easily like rats! My hope and concern is that they don’t ingest eggs and don’t stress and stay thick and healthy. Can anyone critique or fine tune my setup please? I will add photos shortly.

06/09/11  08:12pm


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 Female hl walking tall

if you still have these lizards, i hope you are ready to hybernate them. they hybernate in the winter as do the ants they eat. i can give you more information if you would like. ill include my email. my one question is... are you sure that you have platyrhinos? hearing that they preffer the honeypot ants i would suspect that maybe you happened upon a few P. hernandesi. they are the only Phrynosoma species i have witnessed rejecting pogonomyrmex species (harvester ants), also preffering the honeypot ants.
if they are still with you, good luck with the hybernation. if they did happen to be hernandesi, i have heard of problems hybernating them in captivity.

11/14/11  12:24am

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