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 Help with Hibernating

Do horned toad lizards (as pets) typically hibernate? Ours hasn’t come out of the sand in two days, but we checked to make sure he wasn’t dead today, and he isn’t. Do they hibernate in captivity?

09/06/10  10:05pm


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 Help with Hibernating

These guys must have both UVB and UVA or "full spectrum" light. If not, their spine and
legs will become deformed. They will also become lethargic. If you notice this behavior in
your lizards, change the bulb.Before hibernation they will also not eat as much and will become lethargic.
If they are in captivity they normally don’t hibernate unless the enclosure is to cold. In that case do what i suggested earlier. If you notice this, change the UVB and UVA bulbs if you don’t have these go buy some they are a little more expensive but its worth it.

09/07/10  06:35pm

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