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 I think my desert horned lizard is poorly :(

hi wondering if anyone can help i have two desert horned lizards (in one tank) had them for nearly two years but one of them (alfie) shed his skin not long ago and stopped eating then i noticed something in his eye (i thought it might have been abit of skin as he was shedding and left it) and he kept burying himself under the sand alot just came home to see that one side of his face including his eye is completely covered in like a crusty growth thing. the other lizard is completely fine but i have no idea what to do about alfie the pet shop where i got him said i should just keep an eye on him and told me they don’t live very long =( i feed him crickets as suggested by the pet shop but since this has happened he runs away from them when they go near him possibly due to being unable to see properly not sure this is the first time ive had lizards they are actually my partners but they stay at my house, so im clueless.
please help
thank you

03/02/10  06:18pm


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  Message To: Alfie09   In reference to Message Id: 2128990

 I think my desert horned lizard is poorly :(

First of all, DON’T LISTEN TO THE PET SHOP. They normally haven’t got a clue what they’re on about. :/

How old is he. They can live from 5 to 8 years which really isn’t that short.

And that crust, to me, sounds like it’s gotten out of hand. I’m not trying to be bad or anything, but the first sign of something wrong and he should have been taken to a vet STRAIGHT AWAY. It’s neglect to let it go on to get to that bad. Please, take him to a vet asap. It could be a number of things and it could be treatable. And you should have looked up their behavior before you got them. You should already know how they act.
Plus they eat ants, not crickets. Thats kind of common knowledge with any type of horned lizards.

If I were you I would give those lizards to someone who actually knows how to look after them and get an easy, beginner lizard that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. Leopard gecko or bearded dragon perhaps.


Taken from their native surroundings and offered an improper diet and an inadequate place to live, Horned Lizards soon die. Consequently, the Department of Fish and Game has been given the authority to limit the take and possession of Horned Lizards. It is best to simply examine one carefully, then release it where found, for that is where it rightfully belongs.

If I were you, I would take that quote into consideration. An amateur cannot look after these lizards and it pains me to see animals die due to negligence or lack of information& proper care of the owner.

03/23/10  03:12pm


Horneytoad lady
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  Message To: Alfie09   In reference to Message Id: 2128990

 I think my desert horned lizard is poorly :(

I would love to have your two horned toads. I have the perfect native habitat for them. I have over three acres in native horned lizard territory with two huge red ant beds on my property. I have been cultivating them by feeding the ants bird seed. We are primed to host some unhappy horned lizards. I would be willing to get the sick one to the vet and get its eye cleared up.

05/17/10  07:10pm


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  Message To: Horneytoad lady   In reference to Message Id: 2148334

 I think my desert horned lizard is poorly :(

they eat crickets too, but its usually given as a treat or supplement

06/12/12  04:40pm

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