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 How long have you had your HL?

I’d like to know how long everybody has had their HLs, what type they are, and where you got them.

I had a DHL for a month. Got him from Sns_dragons who bought them from a guy living in Roy, Utah. He sent my poor little guy via USPS and he ended up spending 5 days in the mail because of it. I’m sure he was WC also. It’s sad and sickening to know that people will take these animals from their natural habitats and ship them through snail mail because they want to make money. No consideration for conservation or the animals themselves.

I know these animals are cool, but it has been proven that they don’t make very good pets and definitely aren’t for beginners (or even intermediate herp keepers). If you are planning on getting one of these creatures make sure you know where and who it’s coming from and how to take care of it. Have its tank ready at least a week before you bring it home and also buy the ants before the HL arrives. Be ready to spend some money and some time and I wish you better luck than most of the other HL keepers have had.

10/20/09  05:39am

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