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I have been searching the Internet for information on the hernandesi and douglassi species. EVERY article that I have found says "Not all information contained here is applicable to hernandesi or douglassi species."

A friend went camping in central Utah high country and brought home a horned lizard. A couple weeks later it had 13 babies. I have 3 of them and would like to raise them or keep them alive till I can return them to were they came from.

I need to know the proper temp and humidity for this species please. I have been feeding them small black ants and fruit flies. They gobble up anything that I put in the tank that is smaller than their mouth. They are so tiny! People tell me to just let them go but I know that they will not survive the winter here in northern Utah. I would not be able to sleep if I didn’t care for them properly. As it is a get up all night and make sure that they are okay.

I have a UVA light and an incandescent Night Red Heat bulb. I am worrying that they are to warm. Then too cool. Too much humidity, not enough?

Any advise would be so appreciated!

Thank you,


07/26/09  03:28pm


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I know you need a UVB bulb.. seriously, and you will need red harvester ants.
I would contact this guy and he can help you!!
He may invite you to join his yahoo group, he has a manual there that can help.

07/26/09  10:49pm

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