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 My Horned Lizard Died Today =[

So today my horned lizard was really cold and he was in a small habitat for frogs and we would take him out side for heat in the mornings and we would bring him in to cool off a little and then take him back out side well today we heled him and he was really cold so we put him out side and me and my sister were going with our grandma and my mom left him out side and his tank was like a migafine glass and basicaly fried him but when we got home my dad was acting weired and i went out side and told my mom my dad was acting weired and she asked me what kind of weired and i said like somthing happened and she said thats what i was tryin to tell my sister and she went to tell my sister and then i looked at his eyes and they were in his head and my aunt was here and i said it is him hu and she looked at me and then i said is he dead or is he alive and then she shook up and i was like hes alive and she shook her head no and i said hes not alive and then my mom came out and i said i found out and she was like im so sorry me and dad tried looking for another one so ya he got fried on accident.

08/17/08  12:50am


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 My Horned Lizard Died Today =[

OMG thats horrible why didn’t you get the right lighting that these little guys need? I have never heard something so ridiculos to do! OMG.......that poor little thing.....

08/21/12  07:37am

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