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 Finally they are coming out.

i found these little guys or gals today. first ones i have seen.

04/20/08  02:10am


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  Message To: Pbcrazy187   In reference to Message Id: 1709752

 Finally they are coming out.

um r these for sale. if so how much cause i only have 10$ and less pleazzzz

02/08/09  06:15pm


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  Message To: Ccrystal   In reference to Message Id: 1949414

 Finally they are coming out.

yes they are for sale but keep in mind if you live anywhere that they are illegal to own (i think it is mostly CA and TX...i could be wrong though). but if they are legal where you live you probably could find them in an exotic pet store that sells lizards. I found one at petland in georgia for sale for 40 dollars. there are probably cheaper ones somewhere, infact there are some places that sell them online. it is very hard to find them online though. a breeder might be your best bet. i have not found one yet though ): breeders usually sell them cheaper sometimes. also, if you get one, they are supposedly "hard" to take care of.. just make sure that you are ready to take care of one (i am not doubting you). but anyways...

hope you find one!

06/17/09  12:33pm

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