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 Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from my lizard and furry critter gang! :)

Ya didn’t know that there were dragons at the manger scene did ya! lol.
I especially like my stocking :)

12/24/06  08:02pm


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 Merry Christmas!

here are pics of my reptiles and my dog, but they’re not holiday pics.

this is my black milksnake, Thor.

(R.I.P Zylie) my russian tortoise that past away a couple days ago.

These are my leopard gecko breeder’s babies but the babies have gotten bigger.

This is my dog, Buddy.

This is my hypo cornsnake (no name yet) and has gotten so much bigger.

This is my male leopard gecko breeder, Tiki. My female leopard gecko breeder is camera shy and doesn’t like being held, only my male does.

12/25/06  07:41pm

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