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 Considering a hognose for my next reptile, what do i need to know?

I have quite a few reptiles and have really started expanding my collection the last few years. I particularly like snakes and have more of them than anything. Boas, pythons, milks, kings and corns. I’ve really started taking an interest in hognosed snakes, eventually I’d like to work up to larger rear fanged snakes, but at the moment I don’t know much about them.

Some questions I have are...
What can I expect in the event of a bite from a hognose? I’ve heard they sent typically aggressive and their venom is more of an irritant.
I’ve heard mixed things about needing a license to keep rear fanged snakes.

I plan to do a bit of research on them myself before I dive in head first, as I do with any animal I keep, but I’d like to hear from those that keep them first.

02/02/15  12:20am

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