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Bijou   Chameleon_man  

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 Feeding easterns

I have a 1 yr old eastern male that used to have a great appetite but hasn’t eaten since early August and it is now mid October. have tried pinkie and fuzzy both live and frozen. I have tried scenting with frogs but he still won’t eat. It’s too early for hibernation so what can I do?

10/16/13  10:13pm


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  Message To: Bijou   In reference to Message Id: 2301735

 Feeding easterns

TUNA! lol A buddy of mine breeds hogs, and he has had GREAT success with tuna, put the pinki mice in with the tune for a little bit and try it out.

He keeps a bag of frozen tuna/frozen pinkies together so he can just have then on hand.

10/21/13  09:14am

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