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 Made a mistake, need advice

I feel bad, but I need help with an Eastern Hognose that my son found in the wild. It is about 5-6 inches long. At first they kept it as a novelty with full intention on releasing it. Well, one day has turned into over two months and despite our every effort, we can’t get it to eat. I’ve read all the posts on how hard it is and what many say about getting it to eat, but here is my dilemma...I live in Michigan. It is December and I can’t let it go now because I am sure it will die. I cannot find a toad to buy anywhere. I tried to scent a pinkie with the only thing I could find...a green anole. It just isn’t remotely interested. It hasn’t eaten in at least two and a half months. Of course I want to keep it. The kids love it, but I want for the snake what will help it survive. I feel guilty enough for keeping it and putting its life in danger, so I really don’t need to hear about what I should have done. I need to know what to do now. I used to own a Ball Python, but the only things I know about this is what I’ve read recently. I would really appreciate advice from you all who know more than I do about this hog.

12/20/11  10:41pm


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 Made a mistake, need advice

I don’t know much about hoggies ...but you can try a few things..
1. get some frozen feeder fish at the tropical fish store"San Fransisco Bay" brand "SILVERSIDES"
defrost and offer a few of those might waste 5-6 bucks.

The other thing, it is winter and they know it matter what you do with temps they are trying to hibernate. Let it ...if they can be cool in the wild you can simulate that in the basement by allowing the temps to drop a few degrees every day for a week or 2 until it is 50-55F

This will allow the snake to slow it’s metabolism down and not lose weight. Thus preserving fats stores and surviving the winter...come late February early March you can start to increase temps a few degrees until it is ready to eat. This also would coincide with the hours of light it might be exposed to also.

When we prep our snakes for breeding we simulate this hibernation period to stimulate breeding. Without the temps being lowered they will burn more calories and possibly be very thin later in the New Year.

I have kings and corns and bull snakes that will go without food for 2-3 months this time of year...also my reticulated python for 6 months. Very nerve wracking to say the least.

Wishing you lots of luck...

12/23/11  02:59pm

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