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 Should I get a Hognose?

Okay so I asked this before and I didn’t get that many answers. I am interested in a Hognose but not sure which one to get. I already have four corn snakes and a northern pine snake but I just love the look of the Hognose. There are Mexican, southern, western etc. but which one? Do the males or females get bigger? Doesn’t matter if they do, I am going to a reptile show in April so I have tons of time to think about it and I am prepared. Any tips would be great, anything that anyone has to say about them.

12/10/10  06:25pm


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  Message To: Jackie_03   In reference to Message Id: 2192062

 Should I get a Hognose?

The females get bigger in all snake species. I already answered the other questions.

12/10/10  08:07pm


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  Message To: Repfanaticlady29   In reference to Message Id: 2192078

 Should I get a Hognose?

Westerns are the easiest to care for and are usually at all reptile shows for a good price. I have one and paid 40 dollars but it was a hatchling. The Southern or Eastern are tough just because it might be tough to get the food of choice..toads.

12/11/10  05:48pm


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  Message To: Spineback   In reference to Message Id: 2192199

 Should I get a Hognose?

I picked up a western last year at an expo and he is now one of my favorite critters. they are cute and have entertaining "personalities" I think. everyone loves him. dont have any experience with the other breeds of hognose.

12/16/10  11:46am

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