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 My First Hoggie!

I’ve wanted a hoggie for a while now...and I FINALLY got one! He’s a Western, 100% het albino coming to me all the way from Texas. (I’m in PA). He arrives tomorrow. I have named him Harley (get it??) lol.

Here’s the pic from the breeder:

Other than this little guy, I have 5 Ball Pythons (3 normals, 1 Blue Eyed Leucistic, and 1 Spider) and a Brazilian Rainbow Boa.

I can’t wait to see him in person!!

11/10/10  11:29am


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  Message To: Brodeur4life30   In reference to Message Id: 2186714

 My First Hoggie!

He looks cool!! Thats really neat its 1000% HET albino!! Are you planning on breeding it?

11/19/10  03:17pm


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  Message To: Voguestar   In reference to Message Id: 2188535

 My First Hoggie!

1000% Het thats 10 times more than you need!

12/02/10  08:03pm

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