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 Temperature Effecting Hognose Appetite

Hello! I’ve tried to give my new hognose a few good sized crickets to eat but wouldn’t eat them. Can the temperature effect his appetite and how can I get him to feel comfortable to eat? Also, how do I post a pic along with your message? I wanted to post a pic of my hognose but I’m having trouble with it. Thanks!

09/09/10  09:26pm


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 Temperature Effecting Hognose Appetite

They eat vertebrates, not insects. Insects wouldn’t so the job anyway, since there are too many nutrients missing, but some snakes, like racers, will eat a large enough bug just to fill up if that’s all they have. Hognoses are fussier. Use pinkie mice. They like to be warm, they like their food warm and wet, and they eat best right after they wake up in the morning.
Putting the snake in a deli cup where you’ve already placed the mouse usually results in a quick feeding response. If you feed in-cage, put the mouse on some kind of a "place mat," such as a plastic sour cream lid, so the snake doesn’t eat a bunch of cage shavings with it. Hognoses are very messy eaters.
To keep the snake happy, you want a warm room, deep burrowable substrate (either aspen, cyprus, or one of the fluffy paper-mache-ish types) abd a reptile heat pad under one end. The light should be a timer that allows about 14-16 hours of daylight and always clicks on and off a the same time. Decorations such as branches are generally not important, since the only exercise hognoses really like is burrowing. But you might hit a dollar store and get a few fake plants, the kind that just come to sort of point at the bottom so they don’t waste any underground space. The above-ground leaves sumetimes make the snake feel more secure in the open by providing partial cover.
To find the snake when he’s buried, try to mess up the burrows as little as possible. Poke your fingers straight down in one spot, then try poking staight down somewhere else, then somewhere else.. eventually you’ll find him. Mine always comes right to the surface begging for food once I touch her. In time, though, as long as his light cycle is consistant, you’ll see that there are certain times of day that he likes to come up all by himself.

09/11/10  10:12pm

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