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 Post pics

Hey i want to see everyones hoggies if you dont care to post your pics

08/05/08  11:02am


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  Message To: Hatchet_man_90221   In reference to Message Id: 1820399

 Post pics

Here are mine thats right im mclovin the one on the left is my male and the one on the right is my female

08/05/08  03:26pm


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  Message To: Hatchet_man_90221   In reference to Message Id: 1820654

 Post pics

I swear I posted in here yesterday and it didn’t show up.

Here’s my 07 western..

And no, I don’t usually bring him outside :P It was the only place the light was good enough to get a pictures with my camera phone. lol

09/30/08  12:30pm


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  Message To: Orni   In reference to Message Id: 1871447

 Post pics

this my boy

11/22/09  02:22pm


Chad Lane
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  Message To: Sacko   In reference to Message Id: 2097685

 Post pics

Here’s most of mine.

280Gram female normal.

Double het 66% albino/Anery female.

Double het male.

Green Line Male.

Green Line female.

Yellow Line Male.

Yellow Line female #1.

My fav Yellow Line Female.

Normal 220Gram female.

Blinky my albino male.

100% het albino and 50% het snow female.

100% het Pink Pastel Male.

I also have another double het female, a adult "Blonde" female, and 1.1 Tri-colors.


11/28/09  08:24pm


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  Message To: Chad Lane   In reference to Message Id: 2099757

 Post pics

Sigmund, my Madagascan Speckled:

And, of course, Bebe. My western:

(Cute picture, but bad idea. Not one person was passing out mice on Halloweeen.)

12/16/09  01:32am


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  Message To: JackAsp   In reference to Message Id: 2105470

 Post pics

Orange Dorsal Stripe Anaconda Hognose Female

Spotted Het Albino Male

Albino Banded/Tigerish Female

Red Phase Male

I will post pics of my Red female after she sheds..

Texas locality Mexican Hognose Snakes (Heterodon kennerlyi)


12/19/09  02:27pm


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  Message To: GMM   In reference to Message Id: 2106314

 Post pics

Here is what I assume is my normal western female. A Christmas present from my amazing husband! I think she has a neat pattern and she is sweet as can be. The breeder also bred red albinos etc. and said she would probably be het. for something else. Who knows, but I love her! Second pic is of her in my husband’s hand, and then on mine.

12/29/09  07:27pm

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