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 Need new home shell help!

Hi everyone! This is my first time posting here on the hermit crab forum.
I usually hang out at the fence lizard forum ever since I found a Ornate Tree Lizard in a bag of Cowboy Charcoal, In Connecticut no less!

Anyway, I rescued 2 hermit crabs from a friend who bought them at a boardwalk in NJ.
I have the whole set up for them and they seem to be happy, but 2 things I have noticed.
I haven’t seem them eat. I have food and fruit for them. I have noticed the fruit is disappearing, but not the food as much. They 2 guys are nocturnal, so I cant keep an eye on them as much as I can my lizard,.

Also, the smaller of the 2 is growing out of his shell. His large purple claw and other arms dont fit in, I have 2 shells which I think will work, and have had them in the tank for a month, but he hasnt switched, Any suggestions as to what I should do/.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

10/18/11  09:28pm

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