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 Need Some Crab Advice

We came home from vacay and brought 7 new hermies with us. I felt so bad for them, we had to save some of them. We had a large plastic container we kept them in for the trip and they all made it here fine. Once home I set them up into a temporary home. A ten gallon aquarium with sand. After doing more research I realized they would be much better in the forest bedding and I got a 29 gallon tank for them.

I mixed sand in with the forest bedding and set up thier home. They have a large fresh water bowl, salt water, and two food bowls. Their are two ledges in the tank, one is a shell changing area and the other is full of moss.

Here is my problem. When moving them from the ten gallon into the 29 gallon I had to do alot of digging. They had all buried themselves and all the spare shells I had supplied. I did not think they were molting yet since they had only been in this tank for a week and were quite active at night.

One little one was molting however, when i picked him up to move him I found the discarded shell pieces around where he had been. I immediately put him in the new tank and covered him. This was about a wek ago. I have not seen him since. Him and one other have not surfaced since being in the new tank.

Should i just leave them be or do I check to make sure they are still alive? The smallest one has died, we found him a few days ago. but now i am worried about these two. The other three seem to be doing fine. Moving all over the tank and teh food is gone every morning.

Any advice would be great. thanks

05/26/10  03:57pm


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 Need Some Crab Advice

I say leave them.
If they are molting you don’t want to bother them (again) and if they are dead then it really isn’t hurting anything... Maybe do some research and find the longest usual molting time, larger crabs take longer, and then take a peak a week after that.

Otherwise congrats on the new guys, I love pictures so please share some of the tank!

Too bad we can’t save every crab and too bad those 7 were replaced in less than a second :/

Good luck with the rest of your crew ;)

05/28/10  09:07am

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