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SR-71 Blackbird
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 Play sand

Hello, i have 2 hermies right now on eco earth and was wondering if i could mix it with play sand and have the other half sand too. Ill wash the sand and run a magnet through it. also one of my crabs burried its self the 2 days i got it. is that bad? ive had them for 4 days... thanks!

01/09/10  10:50pm


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  Message To: SR-71 Blackbird   In reference to Message Id: 2112288

 Play sand

I have play sand and it works well with eco earth. Crabs like to dig, sometimes to molt or to de-stress because they have been on a long stressful journey from their habitat to your tat. It’s best to just let him alone until he’s ready to surface again.

Good Luck!!

01/12/10  05:59pm

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