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 Hi I’m new!!!

Hi I’m Mariah. I’m 13. And I have 6 hermies...
I haven’t had them long but I love them so much!!!!!
Here they are (no pics I’m 2 young for a photobucket account or at least they wouln’t let me make one...)

Alice- she’s my first hermit crab. A Carribean Purple Claw. She has never molted or changed shells under my care. Right now I hold her everyday or as much as I possibly can. Her shell is spiky and tan. ANd her favorite food is carrots or romine lettuce.

Rosalie- I got her for my 13 b-day. She’s is also a Carribean Purple Claw. She’s molted once and changed shells twice. When she molted she did something to her leg and it has a little hook on the end. I don’t hold her as much as I do Alice because she’s very shy and has a large claw... so I’m kinda afraid of a nasty pinch... Her shell it’s green tan and white with a shiny pearly stripe down the middle (she’s too small for it but Shelton took her shell and she obviously doesn’t want any others... i gotta get some more) Her favorite foods are what ever I put in the tank... esp. apples.

Bella- I baught her on Inpulse... what a good choice!!!! She is my most treasured (other than Alice) she is a Strawberry-Purple Claw- Albino or thats what I call her. She molted once and she is now showing a BEAUTIFUL! red tint over unusually pale skin with a light purple claw. She’s so very BEAUTIFUL!!!! I hold her a little less because I’m afriad of skin oil reacting with her colors (Can it happen?) She loves apples, carrots, grapes, hmmm purty much anything...

Shelton- When I baught Alice she needed a friend so I got her Shelton! He was originally mine but when I got home with him my Dad said "Did ya get one for Anthony?" I hadn’t so Shelton became his... then we had this battle because Shelton would only come out on my hand... Because I’ve got a little extra meat and my skins unusually warm and Anthony is super skinny so hes cold!
Shelton’s a sweety-poo but I got "forbided" to hold him in my brother sight (when hes not there it’s another story though)
His shell is brown and a dead hermies old shell (RIP GRACIE)
He’ll eat anything I put in.

Hermie- another of my bros. I don’t like him much becaus when I got him I was carring him upstairs to his new home HE PINCHED ME!!! so hard that I had to run freezing cold water on him till he lego! He is also a carribean purple claw. He is my only painted shell hermie... hes red with a n american flag on his shell... reg. hermie food but also likes apples and grapes...

Spidey- my biggest hermie (not mine my bros) he is from the fair... I didn’t expect him to last long but he’s doin’ great! He also pinches and because hes sooooooo big it really HURTS!!!! So we can’t hold him... He has a shell thats the perfenct size for him and he loves aplles and sleepin’ in the left hand bottem corner of the cage!

I gotta go now but I’ll right more 2moro!!!!!


10/07/09  05:27pm


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  Message To: Leopard.Gecko   In reference to Message Id: 2081499

 Hi I’m new!!!

Hello! Welcome. What species of hermies do you have?

10/08/09  08:23pm


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  Message To: Tojo   In reference to Message Id: 2081985

 Hi I’m new!!!

Thanks! It says up there but I’ve got 4 Carribean Purple Claws and 1 that is a Albino-Strawberry-CPA cross...

10/10/09  07:20pm

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