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 Is my crab being a bully?

Ok. I sadly lost one of my hermit crabs during the aftermath of a molt. He couldn’t find a shell he liked even though I had many in the cage and he streaked and died of stress :( . My remaining crab Sye was on his own for a while because I could tell he was ready to molt himself. After he molted and was settled again, I got him another buddy. I named him Raphael because he seemed to always want to pick a fight with Sye. Its been about a week now and Raph has settled into a new shell and everything, but now Sye seems to push him around all the time. He ambles up to Raph and aggressivly taps his feelers against Raphs shell. He also shoves with his claws. Raphael doesn’t seem to be too upset, he usually stands his ground and doesn’t hide in his shell, but I’m wondering if Sye is being too rough. If he is being a bully, what should I do to stop it?

09/28/09  08:57pm

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