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 Be a responsible crab owner.

Anyone who owns hermit crabs or are about to get hermit crabs need to do their homework. There are many sites on line that can give you good information on crab care. Simply google hermit crabs.

08/12/09  03:23pm


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  Message To: Tojo   In reference to Message Id: 2055593

 Be a responsible crab owner.

I totally agree,we watched all these youtube videos on like how to bathe your hermit crabs and i was appalled on the information that was on the video AND the stupid crab owners that were agreeing with the video, PLEASE DO YOUR HOMEWORK

09/10/09  08:58pm


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  Message To: Wooks1   In reference to Message Id: 2070505

 Be a responsible crab owner.

Yes I know what you mean... there are some animals out there that are considered "novelty" pets... (chicks, hermies, anoles) I think thats really iresponsible... my hermies live in a 29 gal with calci-sand (not exactly enough but i’m getting more) fresh food, specically formulated crabbie-food, salt water, fresh water, 16 extra shells, a climbing and shelter rock, a coconut hide, and a light...

only 1 of my hermit crabs have ever died RIP EDWARD well that was cause he was an equadorian(right??? speeling) and I had no idea they liked those different ovalish shells and well it was sad...

10/21/09  04:50pm

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