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 I’m so confused!

I have a very large hermit crab, a little bit smaller than the size of my palm. He’s been under for a long time now, but I don’t know if he’s molting or not. He’s almost at the surface, so he’s not super far down, but he IS under the surface. I really don’t think he’s molting, but I don’t want to think he’s dead. He’s still in his shell, but he doesn’t move. I don’t want to dig him up in case he is molting. What should I do? And about how long do hermies of that size molt for?

My tank smells like a pet store/fish store. But it’s not the ’death smell’.

06/05/09  03:59pm


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  Message To: Qzmp4213   In reference to Message Id: 2016873

 I’m so confused!

Exactly how long has he been under?

06/08/09  06:35am

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