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 Tiger Rat Snake rotten scales HELP


I really need your help on this...

My tiger rat snake looks to have some pretty bad scale rot problem... I am not sure it is rot but it looks like it is.

So here is the story.

I am living in Japan now, and I bought him end of February 2017 at an exhibition. I fall in love at first sight.
He was already 2years + old when we bought him. At this time I didn’t noticed but when I came back home I could see a small scar like on the stomach area.

Except that he was healthy, very ok with handling which is rare for this species, eat correctly.
I named him Uriel.

I made his home, it is unfortunately not as big as I wish but Japanese home are soo small and with 3 (almost 4 kids) 2 other snakes, a cat and a dog I didn’t have that much space left.

Then came the shedding period. I stopped feeding him, give him a little bit more humidity, and made sure his large bowl of warm water was always available.

Unfortunately the sheeding was not perfect, and he had a lot of skin remaining on his stomach part and extremity of the tail.

I tried to bath him in warm water for 40-60 min and remove slowly the remaining skin but he got pretty upset at me and try to bite me (It was the first time he tried to bite so I was a bit surprised).

So I stopped trying removing the skin manually giving him a warm bath every 2 days, and misting him with warm water twice a day (maybe to much.... which maybe the cause of the problem now).

After 6 days the skin was not yet removed and I saw that he was sleeping making so kind of "bridge" to avoid having his stomack touching the floor.

I got very worried and took him out to check and saw this big "scar" rotted scale.... I just panicked and decided to give him a warm bath thinking that I really have to remove the remaing skin (slowly) even if I have to be bitten a few times while my wife was looking for info on the net.

I managed to remove the remaing skin somehow wihtout being bitten but the scar was so big.
However at this time and even now he still eating without any problem which is a good sign I hope...

We looked right away for a hep vet... We were refused at 6 places before finding someone able to check our snake and took an appointment for the next day.
We went to the doctor it was 1 hour and a half away from our place but that doesn’t matter.

I think the doctor didn’t know that much this species because he told me he was too skinny and can easily eat mice as big as the largest part of his body and we shoudn’t be able to see his spine... Which is wrong (I think) since this species eat small prey several time a week, and is a "triangular" shaped snake.
I think he got confused with usual rat snakes.

The doctor told us that it was rot due to skin removal... He gave us a ointment to apply 3 times a day but because of work I can apply it once or twice a day max, and some medecine to put in his mice.
He told us to keep the humidity higher because we don’t want to have the scale become dry.
He also told us that he couldn’t guaranty that my baby was going to survive...

It’s been 4 days since we went to the doctor. The scales look like that now (just after ointment application so it looks oozy but it is kind of dry).




Does someone could give me any advice? Did the doctor give correct advices?

I am so worrying, I love him and don’t want to lose him.
What else can I do?

Thank you so much in advance.


03/27/17  06:44pm

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