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Leathechameleon   Eris  

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 Eye prob with veiled chameleon

There is something in my baby veiled chameleons eye and she is having a hard time blinking and she has a loss in appetite. There are no vets open and I’ve put a warm paper towel on her eye but idk what else to do please help!

12/26/15  09:22am


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  Message To: Leathechameleon   In reference to Message Id: 2316285

 Eye prob with veiled chameleon

I hope that she is doing okay. A warm compress was a good plan. Or flushing it incase of debris. This reminded me of my Jackson’s chameleon I once had with an eye issue that turned out to be a cyst. It caused him to be unable to open eye and it swelled. My vet ended up removing the cyst surgically. Apparently it was caused by a vitamin deficiency, so be sure to have her checked by your vet.

01/31/16  07:43pm

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