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 Snake’s mouth is bleeding

My husband found a snake at work the other day, and he hit it with the weed wacker, it wasn’t going full blast he had let off but it caused the snake to have a bloody nose. He brought it home and we bought it a tank and some comforts. I picked him up for the first time today and when he opened his mouth the roof of it seemed to be bleeding. We got him to bite down on a piece of paper so we could see if it was blood or not, it was, but we don’t know if it could be from the injury or something worse.

I’m nowhere near an expert on snakes, but I noticed it didn’t have fangs and I’m pretty sure it’s just a common rat snake. It seems to be a hatchling as it is very very teeny. It’s roughly six inches long and maybe a pens width. It’s been a few days and we gave him some live food but he doesn’t seem interested (we also gave him dead food and again not interested). I don’t want it to die, my husband wants to keep it and tame it as a pet. So any advice would be great, I haven’t found anything in our area about snake experts so I turned to a forum. I can try and get some pictures of him if necessary.

08/29/15  02:45pm


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  Message To: RainbowCaticorn   In reference to Message Id: 2314741

 Snake’s mouth is bleeding

He hit an hatchling with a weed wacker he is bleeding from the injury see a vet something can be broke,fractured,torn. He wont eat anything not cause hes only in pain because he is scared to death and hes wild caught. If you keep it hopefully he don’t remember what happen and end up aggressive.

08/29/15  05:55pm

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