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 Savannah monitor-dehydrated

My sav is 5 months old. About a foot long. He has bought many pets from reptile shows that have not lived longmonths old. Was doing fine until 2 days ago when he would not eat and equilibrium is off. Alot of trouble walking. Doesnt look dehydrated, not in contact with chemicals. Any suggestions what it could be. Put a bowl of boiling water in tank to add humidity. If it is dehydration..will he get better? A friend gave him to me when he was 2 months old. He has bought pets from reptile shows that havent lived long. I live in central florida. Been very cold the last 4 or 5 days so I raised temp in his tank. Please help.]

11/02/14  07:31am


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 Savannah monitor-dehydrated

I have an MHD and had a Sav monitor for about 2 months. He was practically a new born. Though I don’t have much, in my experience I’ve realized that temperature is HUGE for savs. I was comparing to my mhd but she is more tropical rather than desert. Mine experienced the same thing as yours and ended up dying. My belief is because I didn’t have the temperature right and temperature pretty much regulates their whole system including how they digest. I noticed that he hadn’t pooped in a while before he died. Since he was so young I think it was harder for him to recover. So my advice is make sure the entire cage temperature is 85 to 90 degrees at all times and there is a basking spot around 110 degrees and also a place where he can go for shade. Take note of when he goes to the bathroom. Also keep the humidity up. Mine had eaten and drank regularly up until he died so I think that you should focus on if he poops. I hope this helps, I’m no expert but any info can help!

11/05/14  12:25am


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  Message To: Fankk   In reference to Message Id: 2310689

 Savannah monitor-dehydrated

Savs aren’t really desert animals that’s what people think they do require more humidity then people think. And the temps have to be really high...he’s 4’ and have been not been kept in a desert habitat for 3+ years. I’m no expert either I just own large reptiles. But unlike my water monitor the sav doesn’t really bath so I keep humidity up for good shedding cycles.

11/05/14  02:08pm

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