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WT NolaN
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 Sumatran water monitor RI

Okay I messed up, posted this same post on the monitors page, I’m sorry I know that’s a rule I broke, It wont happen again, I didn’t notice their’s a health issue forum because I haven’t been on here for a while! I have a sumatran water monitor and he currently has a respiratory infection that I’m treating with oral susp baytril and I’m giving one drop SID(once a day). He also has a small abrasion on his cornea so I have some tobramycin eye drops in which I treat OU (both eyes) with 1 drop for BID(twice a day). Anyways he recently stopped eating and is just breathing from his mouth and I’m just wondering if theirs anything else I can do? Should I start tube feeding? His stools are very poor looking and is inadequate for a fecal. His WT:45 grams. I would really hate to bother my exotic DVM boss because hes always super busy! Thank you for any response!

Sorry about the lingo I was posting on a exotic vet page!

For some reason all of my posts and pictures from about 4 years ago are all gone does any body know whats up with that?

10/23/14  08:46pm

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