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 Healing broken off tails?

i came home today to a big surprise with my alligator lizards. i have one 1.5year old male, a 1.5 year old female and there mother in the same 30 gallon tank. all 3 of them are really docile and i haven’t had any problems with aggression with this trio( my other 2 young males are a different story).
anyways the mother was 9.25 inches, 5 was her tail. she has about one inch of it left and the snub is only about as long as her neck and head. the daughter was also missing a chunk of her tail she had lost about half of what the mother lost( the daughter was 8inches)she has about 2.5-3 inches left of her tail. in thinking something spooked them because the 3 were so relaxed with each other and they were clean breaks.

any ideas of if and how long it will be until they have at least a little tail back? should i put anything on the wounds( they have polysporin and paper medical tape on them right now)

thanks please leave any suggestions or ideas no matter how weird or crazy.

04/08/14  11:29pm

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