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Perseus   Allielover  

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 PLEASE HELP CWD infection?

My chinese water dragon has had a bump near his tail & it burst five minutes ago during one of his soakings. The bump was soft & a pasty, pus-like substance came out of it. Now there is a hole behind his leg where the bump used to be. I’m worried that his health is at risk because of this hole. I’ll post a photo I just took of it

Sorry if the image doesn’t work, I’m not sure how to do it

03/29/14  02:54pm


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 PLEASE HELP CWD infection?

i have alligator lizards, when they try to breed or they have a rough shed and they get open wounds i clean it with hydrogen peroxide then put pollyspirn on it. with the toes i only have to do this a couple times, but when they breed the male bites the females head and she gets pretty chewed up, so i had to keep washing, peroxiding and then polysporn. and a couple times a tiny band-aid.
id suggest until its at least scabbed well that you house him on paper towel or something Else that wont get in the wound and can be changed frequently.
i did the peroxide and poly treatment about twice a day( using the peroxide on a cotton swap until the bubbling greatly slowed or stopped)
i hope i helped, please update, allielover

03/29/14  03:58pm

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