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 Possible uri invading my snake collection!

Hi, I currently have 66 snakes (3 red tails, 8 sand boas, 6 balls, 1 black blood and a bunch of colubrids) and I’m having uri troubles. I know my larger female redtail has one, and I’m 99% sure my baby anery sand boa has it too. I think it’s spread into my other sand boas, but I’m not sure. I did quarantine her, but idk. She hasn’t eaten for almost a month, and about the same for the red tail. Last week, another sand boa skipped her meal, but that happens. And my big female sand hasn’t eaten for a while, but she does that. Finally my most aggressive sand boa seems almost calm in my hands, so that worries me. I ordered f10 and I bought a fogger, but is there anything else I should be doing? Has anyone had any experiences with f10? Thanks!

10/16/12  04:18pm

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