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 HELP!! Emperor Scorpion paralyzed

My emperor scorpion seems to be paralyzed from one side, it first started acting wacky once i fed a roach to it, at first it seem to have a boost of energy than slowly it was acting unsual. It senses were extremely alert than it begin to progress into strange acts as drowning itself in its water twice, the first time, i notice that his left side seem paralyzed and when i took it out the water, it took several minutes to compose itself and it seem fine, it had a cricket and was moving around. The next morning i found it in the water dish, still alive but struggling to get out once more, after this i notice that same side was not up to speed with his right side. I found it later that day on its back as if it were dead but in fact still alive. Its real slow and its been at least more than a week since it devour the roach so it could have not been poison, right? HELP!!!

07/11/12  10:43pm


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  Message To: Luis87   In reference to Message Id: 2272984

 HELP!! Emperor Scorpion paralyzed

Hi ive just read about your scorpion and it may sound silly but after I fed my boa snake he seems to be ill he regurgitated his rat and now seems to be doing everything you said apart from drowning in his water. Have you found out what is wrong when you do could you let me know please, thank you

10/13/12  07:11pm

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