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 Spec caiman

Hi folks I’m new here I’m keeping exotics a good few years about 15 years at this stage ,I have leopard geckos , albino Burms , beardies , common boas , marmoset monkeys , dogs , parrots and now a baby spec caiman , it’s about 8 inches total and is in a 5ft x 2 ft x 2 ft tank uv lighting. Water heater external filter basking area , waterfall , the thing is all doe it seems to have grown on the 2 weeks I have it it does not seem to be eating any thing , there is goldfish in the tank , crickets , meal worm , tried raw steak and beef and pinkies , but I think it might of had a pinkie over night ,
Any ideas or suggestions ?
His little belly feels kinda blotded ?

01/08/12  02:16pm

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