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Constipated IG
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 My 2 yr old Iguana won’t poop!!

So my Ig has been constipated scince last tuesday I’ve taken it to the vet on sat and I found out my Iguana has MBD. It’s dragging his hind legs and looks very bloated. My concern is when is he gonna poop? I had tried everything bathing him in warm water rubbing his stomach feeding it a bit of mineral oil
and prune baby food nothing is working tomorrow will be day six! This guy has 4 days worth of backed up food. I stopped feeding him on friday. On saturday he ate a bit of tomatoe at the vets office because they wanted to see if he had an appetite. This morning I even fed him 2 very small pieces of collard green topped with petroleum jelly to lube his insides a bit more.

He seems perfectly healthy except that he has been dragging his legs this week and is still constipated.
When will he poop? Or will he eventually die? Does anyone have experience with situation?

09/04/11  09:09pm


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 My 2 yr old Iguana won’t poop!!

yes he will die unless you get him uv light. he needs sunshine or 200+ microwatts/cm2 from a mv bulb. olive oil is better than petroleum jelly. he needs a asking spot of 100 to be able to digest food to begin with. offer high calcium foods. the vet should give calcium shot and you should provide uv light through a reptile mv bulb. i would mak several appointments with the vet. A good group to Ask questions is the iguana group on yahoo.

10/31/11  09:07am

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