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 Sick Water Dragon, vet unable to diagnose. Please help!

Hi All~
I have a 6year old female water dragon named Pete. She laid a clutch of eggs about 3 months ago and ever since she hasn’t been herself. I noticed she began to have pus filling the bottom part of her eyes so I took her to my herp vet. He diagnosed her having a hypopyon, which is pus or cellular debris building up i the eye. Since this is usually caused by an infection, he took a blood sample and sent me home with systemic antibiotics (a shot I gave Pete for 2 weeks) and also antibiotic ointment for the eyes.

After the blood panel came back, the Dr. said her white blood cell count was normal, so most likely she was not suffering from a bacterial infection. He said it could be a virus or auto-immune disease and in that case there is really nothing else that can be done. The blood panel did indicate she had very low calcium levels, which could be due to her laying her eggs a few weeks prior. She gets calcium supplements regularly.

Pete’s eyes seemed to clear up, the hypopyon went away, but her eyes started clouding up and she would keep them shut all day and breath with her mouth open. Now her eyes are always shut and when I go to open them I can see a bunch of of white debris in her eyes.

She doesn’t seem lethargic, she moves around her cage and eats worms actively when I bring them to her mouth. She is warm, has plenty of water, UV and nothing about her cage set up has been changed for years.

Has anyone encountered this before?? Please help if you have! Thanks so much!

07/17/11  10:57pm


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 Sick Water Dragon, vet unable to diagnose. Please help!

my dragon had the same problem when i got her but now just by allot of TLC and wiping her eyes with clean water daily she may eventually be able to open them again. my dragon is now partially blind in both eyes her diet is crickets she needs something else because she is having trouble catching them now if u have any suggestions it would help.have u tried misting your dragon with a water bottle twice a day that may help also

11/10/11  07:59pm

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