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 Help do my dragons have mites

I have had and buried too many of my WD’s and breaks my heart each time. I have learned a lot but have some ?s. Anyone know what mites on dragons look like ?Symptoms? Mine has swollen eyes and ate fine day brought home now I havent seen it eat. I just rcvd 2 on 4/23 and today symptoms have begun. Seems rapid for any type of infection/infestation to evolve. Also we rcvd a baby WD can’t be more that 2-3 mts old was active now sleeps 24 hours. Although I took it out last nite for a warm bath and he did a lg poo for such an inactive and sm guy. Any suggestions on topical treatment for mites and proper disinfecting cage enclosure?
Also I heard repti-bark harbors mites? this true as would explain a lot of deaths. if so any suggestions for bedding as humidity is very hard to maintain. Also i heard just now zoo med 5.0 and 10.0 causes swolen eyes. If true why is that.


04/25/11  01:17pm

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