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Alligator vinny
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 Weird growths on my pet alligator????

My pet alligator comes out of his pen every others day for a fresh clean bath in the tub and that is also were I feed him.

I brought him upstairs tonight and noticed these weird growths under his jaw.

These growths are in mirrored on both sides. Almost looks like some kind of gland that has swollen for some reason. The weird thing that has me concerned is that there is a redish orange fungus looking discharge coming from these lumps the tissue around the edges of the lumps has turned dark green were it is usually light cream colored.

Any help is appreciated.

04/06/11  12:56am


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it maybe soap or other cleaning products that maybe got i some cuts or maybe some flesh from its food got stuck in there and rotted

try cleaning it

07/11/11  04:46pm

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