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 Frilled dragon issue

just adopted a 2 year old aussie frilled dragon, male got him home and noticed when i tried to open his hood that there was a hard spot almost like it was crispy on part of it and as of today it cracked and broke need to know what to do cause there still is a hard section should i take him to the vet or is there something to do for this please any info will be helpful

10/11/10  03:14pm


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 Frilled dragon issue

It’s probably normal, some parts of the frill are rigid, particular the part that rests on the back of his neck. Do NOT try to open his hood! It is fragile and it sounds like you broke it...
They open it themselves when scared or aggressive or for heat regulation. They do it using cartilage rods connected to the jaw. So when their mouth is opened, the frill opens. So that’s why you shouldn’t try to open it for them - there are a lot of connected breakable parts. I don’t know how damaged his frill is now, if you want better help, post on the frilled dragon section of this site and maybe put up some pictures too.
Hope this helps, and best of luck with the dragon!

10/13/10  12:55pm

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