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 My leopard gecko might be sick. Advice needed.

Ooook here it leo’s name is sancho, he is 3 or 4 years old. He is a normal one. He has always been a layed back, curious gecko and Ive never had any problems with him not eating or acting weird or anything but now he wont eat anything and hasn’t eaten anything but a couple of hand fed mealworms in the last few weeks. He acts somewhat interested and looks at the mealies intently as if he was about to eat but then just loses interest. About a week ago i noticed the he would not open his left eye so i looked closely at it and saw a thin piece of skin on it that must have stayed on after he shed his skin (which he did a few days before i noticed this) I was sure this was not helping the eating problem so i rinsed his eye several times with some sterile saline drops. He was able to blink the skin out that took care of it.... so i thought.... he still doesn’t want to open his eye all the way and there isnt any build up or scum or anything and he keeps licking at it so it is still bothering him so ill keep rinsing it with saline eye drops every day. Will this help? Could it be scratched?

Sooo back to the main problem. I still cant get him to eat anything because he just keeps losing interest and the only thing i can think of to do is change to crickets (maybe he is tired of mealies?) for a while because maybe he is just bored. He is losing some fat in his tail which is worrying me a little. if that doesnt get him eating again im not really sure what to do (leo slushy vitamin drink stuff?) except take him to a vet but that is not likely to happen because the nearest reptile vet is actually not that near at all and my mom has a full time job and we are short on the money. So if there is a simple solution to this that would be Great.


He lives in a 12x12x30 20 gal. tank.
The floor of his tank is a thick layer of tile grout over a piece of foam board.
he has a hide on both sides of the tank (warm and cool) made of the same tile grout covered foam board (the
there is one more hide in the middle of the tank which is a volcanic rock or something the has a cave in it
warm side has a basking area on top of the hide under the heat lamp)
he has a bowl of Rep-Cal Phosphorus-free calcium with vitamin D, a bowl of water, and a dish for the mealworms (all of which are kept very clean)
the heat source is a regular 60w light bulb


06/23/10  01:11am


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 My leopard gecko might be sick. Advice needed.

Could be a case of a common Mouth Rot...

09/01/10  03:41am

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