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 How can i kill cryptosporodium ’’crypto’’ ?

right well ive had to have all my 15 leopard geckos euthanised because they had cryptosporodium, and i used a Reptile Disinfectant called Beaphar Deep Clean, but i want to know if it will be effective as im going to a breeder to buy some more stock in 2 weeks.

the ingredients of the disinfectant are:

polymeric biguanide hydrochloride (<1%)
Alkyldimethybenzyl ammonium chloride (<1%)
didecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride (<1%)

i want to know if this would kill the crypto diease in my vivs and rack.

kind regards,

05/16/10  01:41pm


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 How can i kill cryptosporodium ’’crypto’’ ?

use a high heat steamer. it will kill anything. some chemicals do not work with some parasites cryptosporidium is a type of Coccidial infection which needs no intermediate host to multiply. avoid touching dirt from outside. wash hand during,in between cage cleanings etc.. clean,mop and vacume house and furnishings. the humidity needed for some reptiles alow some types of parasites to thrive. I would wash and steam the cages and allow dry with heat bulbs for several days before getting any animals. They also sell vacumes with UVC light that kills bacteria and parasites.

12/25/10  09:43am

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