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 Sick Gecko Need Advice

I own a three year old female albino leopard gecko. She has runny stools, possibly bloody today, off feed, but still drinking water. She is losing weight and her tail is getting thin, mostly lying in her warm hide. Have fed her a blended concoction, but she threw it up within 10 minutes - two of the three times. (don’t know if I gave her too much or if it’s a symptom of the illness) Prior to these changes I noticed she was shedding more often. The last shed she had a lot of trouble getting it off her feet and I soaked her in a basin of warm water with mineral oil added to get it all off.

We don’t have a reptile vet in our area - but will take her in to a vet on monday that talks to a reptile vet out of state. I suspect parasites and dearly hoping that if it is - it’s a treatable kind. Any advice as to what I can do for her in the mean time?

Please note - I’ve had her for three years, she has not been in contact with any other geckos. She has a 20 gal aquarium cage. Substrate is paper towels, has a warm and cool hide, with the warm hide having peat moss that is moistened when shedding. She is given fresh water daily. She has a temperature probe at each end of the cage and calcium readily available in her cage. She eats primarily meal worms. Will NOT eat them if they are visibly dusted, but does eat her calcium in the dish. Meal worms are gut loaded. I welcome any suggestions.
Thank you.

05/09/10  10:44am

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