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My friends Rainbow died a week ago and all the symptoms are pointing to IBD. This snake was only 3 months old. My question(s) are:

Did the snake have IBD when it arrived at the pet store?

If not, how did it get IBD when it is the only reptile in the house?

What suitable disenfecting cleaners should be used to clean out the cage, and how long should he wait before getting another snake and putting it in the cage?

Kritter Haven Wildlife Rehabilitation

03/18/10  07:39pm


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yes the boa could have had IBD before it arrived at the shop. Boas can live for months with IBD while pythons usually only last about a week or two

As for cleaning the tank lysol works well so does a 5:1 water to bleach mixture, just make sure you rinse it well and let it air out

08/04/10  09:13pm

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