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 Water Dragon turning brown

I’ve had my Chinese Water Dragon for more than a year now - he was pretty young when I got him, so I would think he’s around a year old. He’s always been very healthy, except for a few times when he was younger trying to shed (became very lethargic and barely ate but he overcame it pretty well) but besides that he has always been in great health... and now all of a sudden he is turning a very dark brown... he’s always an extremely bright green. It also looks like the whites of his eyes are turning black. I’m VERY concerned... he lives in a 20 gal tank, has sufficient lighting (heat & UV) a big water area, and I put 4 dozen crickets in the tank every Wednesday (that amount will last him a good week). I don’t know if he contracted a parasite from one of the crickets or something, but it doesn’t seem normal at all. He isn’t acting any differently, it’s just his color. If someone could please help me I’d appreciate it so much. Thank you.

10/24/09  01:31pm

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