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 Herp vet in MN?

I noticed that a couple of people on the website are from MN; can I get a recommendation for a herp vet in the Twin Cities area?
I would like to take Roarie in and get him checked,as he is still a very small eater,I want to make sure there is nothing physically wrong with him.

08/17/09  05:40pm


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  Message To: Onie   In reference to Message Id: 2059015

 Herp vet in MN?

hey onie I hope you can find one. if you do make sure you bring in a ffresh fecal sample because the only way to know for sure. parasites and/or temperatures play a part in eating. A uromastyx needs proper conditions to eat right. the fecal sample is the only way to check for internal parasites.

08/18/09  09:01pm

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