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 My Leopard Gecko is sick :[

I have a relatively young Designer Leopard Gecko. I have absolutely no idea the gender, I don’t know how to identify that, but I just assume it’s a male. He’s really sick, and I don’t know what’s wrong with him or how to go about it.

He’s usually extremely alert & has a big appetite but lately has been extremely lethargic, and won’t eat anything. His eyes are very droopy, they’re always kind of half open. His tail was healthy & plump, now it’s scarily thin. He usually doesn’t like to be touched but when I took him out earlier to give him a warm bath he didn’t struggle really at all.
He is also shedding.

I’m worried, because something similar happened to my Chinese Water Dragon. He’s a bit older than my gecko, and has a completely different habitat. My Water Dragon eventually got better, but the same strange symptoms hit him as well. He was lethargic, did nothing but sleep, barely ate, and was shedding.

I don’t know if it’s something I give them or what, but I haven’t introduced them to anything new for this to happen.
They both always have clean water, albeit there will sometimes be crickets floating in there until I notice them, but for the most part it’s clean. They get crickets from the same place that they always have, and I coat them in the same calcium I always have.

If someone can give me some kind of clue, as to what it is & how to manage it, I would appreciate it.
I love my lizards too much for anything to happen.

05/08/09  05:24pm


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  Message To: Samelevennn   In reference to Message Id: 2000882

 My Leopard Gecko is sick :[

he is probably hibernating that happens to my leopard every winter
if you are still worried take him to the vet

05/13/10  09:25pm

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