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Aprila   Jon whittington  

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 Sick Mice ???? Whats going on

Hi. We purchased 3 females with 2 being pregnant mice. They both had around 6 pups (minus a few they eat) We keep all 3 females together and it worked wonderfully as they all helped each other. But around the 2nd - 3rd week some of the mice started to look sick and seems to be bleeding from the bum... One of the mums died too and she had the same bleeding condition..... The water and food was changed daily with cage every 3-5 days (more as they got bigger) I have no idea what was wrong...

Any one have the same thing and do you know what causes it.

Also how long should babies be kept with mum. Is it until they are eating seed by them self...

When should mum so breast feeding ???

Any help would be great as I don’t want it to happen again.

03/01/09  04:36am


Jon whittington
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  Message To: Aprila   In reference to Message Id: 1961075

 Sick Mice ???? Whats going on

Dont breed brothers and sisters together,it could make them sick.

04/04/12  05:48pm

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