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 Uromastyx not eating and extremly underweight

We have had our new addition for about 2 months now and have tried everything we can think of to help him put on weight.
We have been told he looks about 3-4 years old and at the time of purchasing him was not of the best health so we thought we would take him in and give him a fighting chance.
He has never shown an interest with any type of salad/veg which worries us as he is not getting an apropriate diet although luckily he will eat hoppers but maybe only one large hopper every other day which obviusly is not enough and even then it takes atleast 40 minutes for him to take an interest.
His moods vary from day to day as one minute he can be very alert and active and the next very sleepy.
We are now out of ideas as to what we can do to for him to "fatten up" as his hip bones are now beggining to petrude and his tail sunken forming an almost triangle shape.

If any one has any ideas, they would be very much apreciated.

11/24/08  06:44am


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  Message To: NIC&TOBY   In reference to Message Id: 1904082

 Uromastyx not eating and extremly underweight

first thing dont feed them any meat of insects uro’s like iguanas are strickly vegetarians..they cannot digest protein it will screw their liver up and eventually kill them....second uros are like that they can be sleepy for days then be all over the cage thats jus uros..Try a variety until it eats mine loves collard greens,turnip greens,or mustard greens,squash,mango,and bell peppers but u jus need to continue to expeirment
with many inches would u say it is because at 4 years old it should be around 15 to 20 inches long....
good luck

01/20/09  04:49pm


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  Message To: NIC&TOBY   In reference to Message Id: 1904082

 Uromastyx not eating and extremly underweight

can you fill this in

1) How long have you owned the animal

2) Dimensions of the enclosure you are using. Measure it- do not guess or give gallon size

3) Species (if known), length, and weight of the animal

4) Listing of all animals kept in the enclosure referred to in the post

5) Basking spot temperature and how that temperature was measured

6) Temperature throughout the rest of the enclosure (warm and cool areas) and how these temperatures were measured e.g. digital thermometer, stick on dial thermometer. Provide the nighttime temperatures as well.

7) Acknowledge whether you are using a UVB bulb and if so, the brand, age of bulb, and distance from the bulb to the uromastyx

8) Diet items being fed and how often each item is fed

9) List of the supplements being used, how much is used, and how often the supplement is used

10) Type of substrate (cage bottom material). If this is sand, state whether it is calcium sand

11) Describe your animal’s daily routine. When it exits the hide, when it retreats for the night, how long it is usually out throughout the day, is it active during this time, how much time does it spend sitting on the basking spot….

12) Describe your animal’s appetite.

13) Describe any unusual behaviors you are seeing or any recent changes in behavior. Also note whether any recent modifications have been made to this animal’s environment. e.g new enclosure, move to another room, new heat bulb....

14) Describe how often this animal is handled and the type of handling.

15) State whether the animal has been to a vet, when that was, and whether the animal was diagnosed with a medical condition. Also state whether the uromastyx has ever had a fecal check. If so states when the fecal check was done, what was found, and if medication was prescribed.

Photos of the animal and/or issue can be extremely helpful.

The more questions that you provide answers to, the quicker and more accurate the return answers/replies will be.

08/18/09  09:16pm


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  Message To: UROKEEPER   In reference to Message Id: 2059905

 Uromastyx not eating and extremly underweight

sorry i did not realise the thread was this old. hopefully you have sorted out the issue. doesn’t anyone help on this forum?

you should have went to the UROMASTYX forum and maybe you would have had a dozen replies for good advice

08/18/09  09:26pm

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