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 Do fence lizards not stiffen up when they pass on? Need insight from lizard fans

Partially stepped on a midsize western fence lizard.
Feel horrible about it! Was looking at its pal, when this all occurred.
I didn’t even step fully down so am shocked it might have been too much for the little
guy, but I immediately saw a tiny blood at its nose & ’gill’ or side vent.

I put him in the shade for a couple of minutes, and may have seem him breathe his last.
Am not sure. Saw a few ants soon after, so put him in a box & have brought into work with me, just in case he’s in shock mode & can somehow recover. Does he need sun/heat or water?

He’s now semi-limp but I’m surprised he’s not stiffened up, even tho’ it’s now been an hour
since the accident. Is there no hope, or could he go into a momentary torpor as he
tried to ’deal’ with the injury? Or is blood by the nose/breathing hole just a horrible
sign that it’s all over. Thanks for any info!!

10/16/08  07:12pm

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