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 Madagascan blonde hognose gone blind

we have had our madagascan hognose since february of the year. he has always been a picky eater (as most hognoses are). he would eat but usually only once a month. we have always suspected that he was going blind because he had troubles hunting (we fed him live). he was very sensitive to changes in light intensities and movement, and when hunting it was like he couldn’t see that mouse. otherwise he seemed healthy. we are not sure how old he his and are assuming that he is WC (we got him from a reptile expo). he has never had a bad shed so i know that it is not retained eye scales on both his eyes. they are both completely white. since this has happened he has been miserable and only hides under his water dish like he’s waiting to die. he was normally fairly active coming out atleast once a day. we have talked to a vet and they say that the blindness could be due to parasites but they would need a fecal and that would require force feeding him. the blindness is also most likely not going to go away when the parasites are killed. we have gone through the pros and cons of going through with treatment but feel that if he is still blind he will still be miserable (going on how his behavior has changed now). we might get him eating but he will just be surviving. we have decided on putting him down but the vets are fighting me on it. i just don’t think he can handle going through it all and for him to still be blind and miserable. what do you think? i don’t want to put him down, but i feel it is the best for his welfare. any advice would be appreciated. thanks.

09/26/08  09:29am

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